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Foreign Supplier Performance Evaluation
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Foreign Supplier
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Corrective Actions & Reevaluation of FSVP
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Importance of

Identifying and Evaluating Hazards

The first step in the FSVP process is to evaluate known or reasonably foreseeable hazards for the food being imported to determine if each of the potential hazards require a control(s). Importers are required to identify and evaluate the hazards for each type of food they import to determine if there are any hazards requiring a control.  

Conduct an evaluation of the foreign supplier's food safety performance and risk posed by the food

Must include:

  • Procedures, processes, and practices related to food safety

  • FDA food safety regulations and supplier compliance

  • Supplier's food safety history

  • Other relevant factors such as storage and transportation practices

You must approve foreign suppliers before importing food from them

Supplier approval is based on:

  • Evaluation of the risk posed by the food (hazard analyses findings)

  • Who is controlling the hazards

  • Evaluation of foreign supplier performance

  • Other relevant factors​

Appropriate verification activities must be determined

You must determine the appropriate verification activities and the frequency of those activities, based on your food and supplier evaluations.  Food imports need to have written procedures for conduction their verification activities.

You must take appropriate corrective actions

If your verification review indicates that the food is being produced, grown, stored, transported or otherwise in a manner that jeopardizes food safety, take corrective actions and will need to reevaluate your entire FSVP for that food and foreign supplier, unless your corrective action is to discontinue using that supplier.

Corrective actions and FSVP reevaluations must be documented.

Creating and maintaining records

All documentation required by the FSVP rule must be:

  • Complete​

  • Kept for at least two years, and​

  • Made available to FDA upon request​

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